Robert Burns canti dalla A alla Z

ROBERT BURNS (1759-1796) poeta scozzese, scrittore di canzoni e brani musicali, grande collezionista di brani tradizionali.

[English translation]
ROBERT BURNS (1759-1796) Scottish poet, writer of songs and music, great collector of traditional songs.

Robert Burns: A-Z list of all songs

Possiamo suddividere le sue canzoni in 7 gruppi:

  • la lotta per la libertà
  • in lode alle donne
  • canti di lavoro
  • canti di fratellanza
  • il focolare e la natura
  • Religione e Filosofia
  • Politica e sicurezza

We can divide his songs into 7 large groupings:

  • The Flight of Freedom
  • In Praise of Women
  • Songs of Work
  • Songs of Fellowship
  • The Fireside and Nature
  • Religion and Philosopy
  • Politics and Security

La Playlist di Terre Celtiche Blog

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 1 1996
1) When Rosy May Comes In Wi’ Flowers
2) Oh That I Had Ne’er Been Married
3) Wee Willie Gray
4) Oh Wha’ll Mow Me Now
5) Brose And Butter
6) The Wintry West Extends His Blast
7) Sweet Afton
8) Duncan Gray
9) The Winter It Is Past
10) Gudeen To You Kimmer
11) Kellyburn Braes
12) The Slave’s Lament
13) Of A’ The Airts The Wind Can Blaw
14) What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi An Auld Man
15) Ay, Waukin O
16) O Steer Her Up And Haud Her Gaun
17) The Cooper O Cuddy
18) O Rattlin Roarin Willie
19) To The Weavers Gin You Go
20) Lady Mary Ann
21) Montgomerie’s Peggy
22) The Lea-Rigg
23) Yestreen I Had A Pint O Wine

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 2 1996
1) The Soldier’s Return
2) The Reel O’ Stumpie
3) I Hae’ A Wife O’ My Ain
4) My Nanie, O
5) Ye Jacobites By Name
6) Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin
7) O Let Me In This Ae Night
8) The Auld Man’s Mare’s Dead
9) How Cruel Are The Parents
10) Leezie Lindsay
11) My Wife’s A Wanton Wee Thing
12) To Daunton Me
13) Hey Ca’ Thro’ / The Deil’s Awa’ Wi’ Th’ Exciseman
14) The Silver Tassie
15) Kissin’ My Katie
16) Scots Wha Hae
17) O Were I On Parnassus Hill
18) O An’ Ye Were Dead Gudeman
19) Willie Wastle
20) Beware O’ Bonie Ann
21) Willie Brew’d A Peck O’ Maut
22) A Rose-Bud By My Early Walk
23) Whistle O’er The Lave O’t
24) Jumpin’ John
25) The Dusty Miller
26) My Collier Laddie
27) The Weary Pund O’ Tow
28) Now Westlin Winds And Slaught’ring Guns

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 3, 1997
1) Where Cart Rins Rowin
2) Ca’ The Yowes
3) An O For Ane And Twenty Tam / Wha My Baby Clouts / Blythe, Blythe
4) Auld Lang Syne (Original Version)
5) Craigieburn-Wood
6) Ye Banks And Braes O’ Bonie Doon
7) Cauld Blaws The Wind Frae East To West
8) She’s Fair And Fause
9) O Leave Novels / The Bairns Gat Out
10) Lang Hae We Parted Been
11) Lassie Wi’ The Lintwhite Locks
12) Loud Blaw The Frosty Breezes
13) It Was A’ For Our Rightfu’ King
14) Whare Are You Gaun, My Bonie Lass
15) Comin Thro’ The Rye
16) The Birks Of Aberfeldy
17) O Tibby I Hae Seen The Day
18) Logan Braes
19) Landlady Count The Lawin
20) Tam Glen
21) I Am My Mammie’s Ae Bairn / O Whistle And I’ll Come To You
22) O Where Hae Ye Been, Lord Ronald My Son
23) The Thames Flows Proudly To The Sea
24) Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation
25) Come Boat Me O’er
26) On A Bank Of Flowers

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 4 1998
1) Oh Lay Thy Loof / Altho’ My Back / Gude Ale
2) Robin Shure In Hairst
3) My Harry / A’ The Lads / The White Cockade
4) O My Luve’s Like A Red Red Rose
5) Louis What Reck I By Thee / In Mauchline
6) Hey, How My Johnnie Lad
7) O When She Come Ben She Bobbed / O’Mally’s Meek
8) The Ploughman
9) Thou Gloomy December
10) The Shepherd’s Wife
11) O Whaur Gat Ye That Hauver-Meal Bannock
12) Sir John Cope
13) Dost Ask Me Why I Send Thee Here / O Can Ye Labour Lea
14) Tibbie Fowler O’ The Glen
15) The Small Birds Rejoice
16) I Hae Been At Crookie-Den
17) O May, Thy Morn
18) As I Went Out Ae May Morning
19 I Maun Hae A Wife / Young And Souple Was I
20) Awa’ Wi’ Your Witchcraft
21) One Night As I Did Wander / Out Over The Forth
22) O Luve Will Venture In

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 5 1998
1) A Man’s A Man For A’ That
2) There Was A Lass, They Ca’d Her Meg / Amang The Trees
3) Thou Has Left Me Ever Jamie / Let No Woman E’er Complain / Gat Ye Me, O Gat Ye Me
4) The Lovely Lass Of Inverness
5) Scroggam / O Gie The Lass Her Fairin’ Lad
6) Hughie Graham
7) John Barleycorn: A Ballad
8) There’s Three True Gude Fellows / John Blunt
9) Braw Braw Lads On Yarrow Braes
10) The Gloomy Night Is Gath’ring Fast
11) Contented Wi’ Little, And Cantie Wi’ Mair
12) The Lass That Made The Bed To Me
13) Frae The Friends And Land I Love
14) Killiecrankie
15) O Once I Loved A Bonnie Lass
16) There’ll Never Be Peace ‘till Jamie Comes Hame
17) Glencoe / Sweetest May
18) Caledonia
19) Masonic Song
20) There Grows A Bonie Brier-Bush
21) O, I Am Come To The Low Countrie
22) Green Sleeves / Sweet Tibby Dunbar / Lassie, Lend Me Your Braw Hemp Heckle

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 6 1999
1) O Mirk, Mirk Is This Midnight Hour
2) Turn Again, Thou Fair Eliza
3) Awa’ Whigs Awa’
4) Bonie Wee Thing
5) Twa Bonie Lads / Young Jockie
6) When Guilford Good Our Pilot Stood
7) O, Meikle Thinks My Luve
8) Helen O’ Kirkconnel
9) Tho’ Cruel Fate / She is a winsome wee thing
10) Auld Rob Morris
11) When First I Came To Stewart Kyle / O, Saw Ye Bony Lesley
12) Wha Is That At My Bower-Door
13) Craigieburn Wood / The Day Returns
14) Jamie Come Try Me / John Anderson My Jo
15) And I’ll Kiss Thee Yet / In Comin By The Brig O’ Dye
16) As I Cam Down By Yon Castle Wa’ / My Lady’s Gown
17) Hee Balou, My Sweet Wee Donald / Bannocks O’Bear Meal
18) From Thee, Eliza I Must Go
19) Peg Nicholson
20) Last May A Braw Wooer
21) My Heart Is Sair / You’re Welcome, Willie Stewart

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 7 1999
1) The Captain’s Lady
2) The Wren’s Nest / John Come Kiss Me
3) Nae Gentle Dames
4) Raving Winds
5) The Taylor
6) The Rowin’t In Her Apron
7) My Girl She’s Airy
8) As I Was A Wand’ring
9) Geordie
10) Sensibility How Charming
11) Charlie, He’s My Darling
12) The Heather Was Blooming
13) Then Guidwife Count The Lawin / No Churchman Am I
14) I Dream’d I Lay
15) There’s A Youth In This City / Highland Laddie
16) Sae Flaxen Were Her Ringlets
17) Up And Waur Them A’, Jamie
18) Streams That Glide
19) Young Peggy Blooms
20) Long, Long The Night

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 8, 2000
1) Ken Ye Ought O’ Captain Grose
2) Wha Will Buy My Troggin
3) Galloway Tam
4) Behold, My Love
5) Weary Fa’ You, Duncan Gray
6) Wandering Willie
7) Ithers Seek
8) O, Cam Ye Here The Fight To Shun
9) Extempore / Saint Stephen’s House
10) Mary Queen Of Scots Lament
11) The Groves Of Sweet Myrtle
12) O Poortith Cauld / My Eppie Adair
13) O Dear Minny / There’s News Lasses
14) Wae Is My Heart / The Banks Of The Devon
15) Fairest Maid / As Late By A Sodger
16) Green Grow The Rashes, O
17) Twas Na Her Bonie Blue E’e / Cauld Is The E’enin Blast
18) The Auld Man’s Winter Thought
19) I Do Confess
20) The Sun Is Sunk
21) Blythe Hae I Been / I’ll Ay Ca’ In By Yon Town
22) Ae Fond Kiss (Original Version)
23) What Merriment Has Taen The Whigs
24) Nanie’s Awa
25) I Coft A Stane O’ Haslock Woo / My Sandie O

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 9, 2001
1) O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair / Ye Jovial Boys
2) The Noble Maxwells
3) O Open The Door
4) There Was Five Carlins
5) While Larks With Little Wing / Lovely Was She
6) O Why The Deuce / Carl An The Kings Came / I Murder Hate
7) O, Ken Ye What Meg O’ The Mill Has Gotten (Part 1 And 2)
8) Corn Rigs Are Bonie
9) Your Friendship / O How Can I Be Blithe
10) As I Cam In By Our Gate-End / There Was A Jolly Gauger
11) Why Tell Thy Lover / Musing
12) O, Leeze Me On My Spinnin-Wheel
13) Where Braving Angry Winter’s Storms
14) My Heart’s In The Highlands
15) O Kenmure’s On And Awa / The Campbells Are Coming
16) Will Ye Go To The Indies
17) O Thou Pale Orb
18) Thine Am I
19) The Smiling Spring
20) My Heart Is Wae
21) Ye Banks And Braes And Streams

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 10, 2002
1) Adown Winding Nith
2) How Can My Poor Heart Be Glad
3) Twas Past One O’ Clock
4) Yon Wild Mossy Mountains / O Saw Ye My Dearie
5) Mary Morison
6) On Cessnock Banks
7) Is This Thy Plighted Fond Regard / This Is No My Ain Lassie
8) MacPherson’s Farewell
9) Here’s A Health To Them / Here’s A Health To Ane
10) As Down The Burn / My Peggy’s Face
11) Wham Will We Send
12) Ye Flowery Banks / The Lazy Mist
13) Come Let Me Take Thee / Jockie’s Ta’en The Parting Kiss
14) O Saw Ye My Dear
15) I Sing Of A Whistle
16) Man Was Made To Mourn
17) Husband, Husband
18) Anna / The Catrine Woods
19) Sleep’st Thou Or Wak’st Thou / Mark Yonder Pomp
20) Where Are The Joys
21) It Is Na Jean
22) O Stay / O Ay My Wife She Dang Me

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 11 2002 Doppio CD
1) Ca’ The Yowes
2) I Gaed A Waefu’ Gate
3) Fy Let Us A’ To Kirkcudbright
4) Thou Ling’ring Star
5) O For My Ain King
6) O Sad And Heavy / Wilt Thou Be My Dearie
7) Clarinda
8) ‘Twas In The Seventeen Hunder Years
9) My Love She’s But A Lassie Yet
10) Had I A Cave / Farewell Thou Fair Day
11)True-Hearted Was He
12) My Father Was A Farmer
13) Thickest Night / How Lang And Dreary Is The Night
14) Fate Gave The Word
15) Here’s To Thy Health / O Wat Ye Wha’s In Yon Town
16) O Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast
17) As I Came O’er The Cairney Mount / Dainty Davie
18) As I Stood By
19) O Philly
20) ‘Twas Even
21) Stay My Charmer
22) O Wert Thou Love
23) In Simmer
1) Heard Ye O’ The Tree O’ France
2) Here Is The Glen
3) The Taylor Fell Thro’ The Bed
4) Fair The Face Of Orient Day
5) Aften Hae I Play’d
6) In Tarbolton
7) There Was A Lass
8) By Allen Stream
9) Up And Warn A’ Willie
10) O I Forbid You
11) In Edinburgh Town / Cock Up Your Beaver
12) As I Cam Down By Annan Side
13) Had I The Wyte / When Maukin Bucks
14) When Mary Cam Over The Border
15) Saw Ye My Maggie
16) As Honest Jacob
17) Grim Grizzel / The Night
18) The Care’s O’ Love / Come Rede Me Dame
19) While Prose-Work And Rhymes / When Princes And Prelates
20) I’ll Tell You A Tale
21) O Wha’ll Mow Me Now
22) Amang Our Young Lasses
23) Green Grow The Rashes-O (Bawdy Version) / Altho’ My Back
24) There Was Twa Wives

The Complete Songs Of Robert Burns, Volume 12 2002
Love & Liberty – A Cantata
1) Recitation
2) I Am A Son Of Mars
3) Recitation
4) I Once Was A Maid
5) Recitation
6) Sir Wisdom’s A Fool
7) Recitation
8) A Highland Lad My Love Was Born
9) Recitation
10) Let Me Ryke Up To Dight That Tear
11) Recitation
12) My Bonie Lass
13) Recitation
14) I Am A Bard
15) Recitation
16) See The Smoking Bowl
17) It’s Up Wi The Souters O’ Selkirk
18) You’re Welcome To Despots, Dumourier
19) Again Rejoicing Nature Sees
20) Adieu
21) Orthodox, Orthodox
22) O Wat Ye Wha That Lo’es Me
23) O Bonie Was Yon Rosie Brier / O Lovely Polly Stewart
24) Farewell Thou Stream
25) The Auld Man’s Mare’s Dead / What Will I Do Gin My Hoggie Die
26) Now Spring Has Clad
27) There Was A Bonie Lass / Does Haughty Gaul Invasion Threat
28) Go On Sweet Bird
29) Dire Was The Hate
30) O Sing A New Song
31) O How Shall I Unskilfu’ Try
32) Ah Chloris Since It May Not Be / O My Luve’s Like A Red Red Rose (Part Orig. Version)


There’s cauld kail in Aberdeen/The Reels o’ Bogie

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