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Rogue’s Gallery & Sun of Rogues

Rogue’s Gallery & Sun of Rogues Gallery è una poderosa compilation di canzoni marinaresche, voluta dal produttore Hal Willner, e distribuita in due doppi Cd (2006 e 2013)

Pirati dei Caraibi, serie al cinema

Sulla scia del film  “Pirati dei caraibi”  il produttore Hal Willner (con Gore Verbinski e Johnny Depp) diede alle stampe una prima compilation (Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys) dedicata alle canzoni tradizionali ispirate alla vita della pirateria e della marineria in genere (2006 ). Il bis è arrivato nel 2013 con un altro doppio Cd (Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys)

Una galleria di brutti ceffi

Anche le grandi star del rock si sono lasciate trascinare dall’idea di comparire in una “galleria di brutti ceffi” (“Rogue’s Gallery” è lo schedario fotografico dei criminali), in compagnia di grandi interpreti folk, blues, jazz, e chi ne ha più ne metta, per interpretare i canti dei pirati con la propria sensibilità e il relativo background musicale.

Rogue’s Gallery & Sun of Rogues

Il progetto coordinato da Hal Willner è iniziata con una lunga ricerca dei testi e delle melodie negli archivi storici e nel web e si è concretizzato in una serie di intense “session” a  Seattle, Los Angeles, Londra, Dublino e New York. Il materiale registrato è bastato per quattro cd pubblicati (in formato doppio) a sei anni di distanza l’uno dall’altro.


Il regista Verbinski usa metafore marine per descrivere l’esperienza.
«L´oceano. È tutto intorno al grande blu che riempie due terzi del pianeta. Il rapporto dell´essere umano con questo abisso crea un´interessante prospettiva. Credo che i navigatori del tempo stessero danzando con la morte, e queste sono le loro canzoni. Risuonano con la gente in qualche livello interiore che non è immediatamente chiaro perché non è nella nostra memoria, è nel nostro sangue. È quello che ci fa sentire così soli».

Rogue’s Gallery & Sun of Rogue’s Gallery is a powerful compilation of seafaring songs, wanted by the producer Hal Willner, and distributed in two double CDs (2006 and 2013)

Pirates of the Caribbean movies

In the wake of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” the producer Hal Willner (with Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp) gave the prints a first compilation, Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys, dedicated to traditional songs inspired by the life of piracy and marine in general (2006). The encore arrived in 2013 with another double CD (Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys)

Rogue’s Gallery

Even the big rock stars have been carried away by the idea of appearing in a gallery of ugly guys (“Rogue’s Gallery” are the criminal photo files), in the company of great folk, blues, jazz musicians, to interpret pirate songs with their own sensitivity and musical background.

Rogue’s Gallery & Sun of Rogues

The project coordinated by Hal Willner began with a long research of texts and melodies in the historical archives and on the web and it has been realized in a series of high “sessions” in Seattle, Los Angeles, London, Dublin and New York. The recorded material was sufficient for four published CDs (in double format) six years later.


Director Verbinski uses marine metaphors to describe the experience. “The ocean. It’s all about the vast blue that engulfs two thirds of the planet. The human being cast against that abyss creates an interesting bit of perspective. I think the sailors of the time were dancing with death, and these were their tunes. They resonate with people on some internal level that is not immediately obvious because it’s not in our memory, it’s in our blood. It operates on a cellular level. It’s what makes us feel so alone.

Rogue’s Gallery: PIRATE BALLADS, SEA SONGS AND CHANTEYS -2006 – Anti-Records

Disc 1:

  1. Cape Cod Girls” – Baby Gramps – 7:14
  2. Mingulay Boat Song” – Richard Thompson – 4:13
  3. My Son John” – John C. Reilly – 1:38
  4. Fire Down Below” – Nick Cave – 2:50
  5. Turkish Revelry” – Loudon Wainwright III – 4:21
  6. Bully in the Alley” – Three Pruned Men (The Virgin Prunes) – 2:30
  7. The Cruel Ship’s Captain” – Bryan Ferry – 3:35
  8. Dead Horse” – Robin Holcomb – 2:54
  9. Spanish Ladies” – Bill Frisell – 2:22
  10. Coast of High Barbary” – Joseph Arthur – 4:02
  11. Haul Away Joe” – Mark Anthony Thompson – 4:10
  12. Dan Dan” – David Thomas – 0:50
  13. Blood Red Roses” – Sting – 2:44
  14. Sally Brown” – Teddy Thompson – 2:54
  15. Lowlands Away” – Rufus Wainwright & Kate McGarrigle – 3:25
  16. Baltimore Whores” – Gavin Friday – 4:40
  17. Rolling Sea” – Eliza Carthy – 4:49
  18. The Mermaid” – Martin Carthy & The UK Group – 2:23
  19. Haul on the Bowline” – Bob Neuwirth – 1:29
  20. A Dying Sailor to His Shipmates” – Bono – 4:44
  21. Bonnie Portmore” – Lucinda Williams – 3:36
  22. Shenandoah” – Richard Greene & Jack Shit – 2:58
  23. The Cry of Man” – Mary Margaret O’Hara – 3:06

Disc 2:

  1. Boney” – Jack Shit – 1:55
  2. Good Ship Venus” – Loudon Wainwright III – 3:15
  3. Long Time Ago” – White Magic – 2:35
  4. Pinery Boy” – Nick Cave – 3:15
  5. Lowlands Low” – Bryan Ferry & Antony Hegarty  – 2:35
  6. One Spring Morning” – Akron/Family – 5:25
  7. Hog Eye Man” – Martin Carthy & Family – 2:44
  8. The Fiddler” – Ricky Jay & Richard Greene – 1:34
  9. Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold” – Andrea Corr – 3:58
  10. Fathom the Bowl” – John C. Reilly – 3:44
  11. Drunken Sailor” – David Thomas – 3:44
  12. Farewell Nancy” – Ed Harcourt – 6:06
  13. Hanging Johnny” – Stan Ridgway – 3:28
  14. Old Man of the Sea” – Baby Gramps – 5:18
  15. Greenland Whale Fisheries” – Van Dyke Parks – 4:41
  16. Shallow Brown” – Sting – 2:30
  17. The Grey Funnel Line” – Jolie Holland – 4:53
  18. A Drop of Nelson’s Blood” – Jarvis Cocker – 7:10
  19. Leave Her Johnny” – Lou Reed – 5:30
  20. Little Boy Billy” – Ralph Steadman – 5:33

Sun of Rogues Gallery: PIRATE BALLADS, SEA SONGS AND CHANTEYS -2013 – Anti-Records

Disc 1:

  1. Leaving of Liverpool – Shane MacGowan w/ Johnny Depp & Gore Verbinski
  2. Sam’s Gone Away – Robyn Hitchcock
  3. River Come Down – Beth Orton
  4. Row Bullies Row – Sean Lennon w/ Jack Shit
  5. Shenandoah – Tom Waits w/ Keith Richards
  6. Mr. Stormalong – Ivan Neville
  7. Asshole Rules the Navy – Iggy Pop w/ A Hawk and a Hacksaw
  8. Off to Sea Once More – Macy Gray
  9. The Ol’ OG – Ed Harcourt
  10. Pirate Jenny – Shilpa Ray w/ Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  11. The Mermaid – Patti Smith & Johnny Depp
  12. Anthem for Old Souls – Chuck E. Weiss
  13. Orange Claw Hammer – Ed Pastorini
  14. Sweet and Low – The Americans
  15. Ye Mariners All – Robin Holcomb & Jessica Kenny
  16. Tom’s Gone to Hilo – Gavin Friday and Shannon McNally
  17. Bear Away – Kenny Wollesen & The Himalayas Marching Band

Disc 2:

  1. Handsome Cabin Boy – Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
  2. Rio Grande – Michael Stipe & Courtney Love
  3. Ship in Distress – Marc Almond
  4. In Lure of the Tropics – Dr. John
  5. Rolling Down to Old Maui – Todd Rundgren
  6. Jack Tar on Shore – Dan Zanes w/ Broken Social Scene
  7. Sally Racket -Katey Red & Big Freedia with Akron Family
  8. Wild Goose – Broken Social Scene
  9. Flandyke Shore – Marianne Faithfull w/ Kate & Anna McGarrigle
  10. The Chantey of Noah and his Ark (Old School Song) – Ricky Jay
  11. Whiskey Johnny – Michael Gira
  12. Sunshine Life for Me – Petra Haden w/ Lenny Pickett
  13. Row the Boat Child – Jenni Muldaur
  14. General Taylor – Richard Thompson w/ Jack Shit
  15. Marianne – Tim Robbins w/ Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs
  16. Barnacle Bill the Sailor – Kembra Phaler w/ Antony/Joseph Arthur/Foetus
  17. Missus McGraw – Angelica Huston w/ The Weisberg Strings
  18. The Dreadnought – Iggy Pop & Elegant Too
  19. Then Said the Captain to Me (Two Poems of the Sea) – Mary Margaret O’Hara


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