Beidh aonach amárach

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“Beidh aonach amárach” or “An Gréasaí Brógè” is an irish nursery rhyme 

Dick Kelle

Clare is a county in the province of Munster on the west coast of Ireland, very much anchored to the traditions, in which Gaelic is spoken by more than 50% of the population.
In the county there is still a big horse fair a few kilometers from Ennis at Spancilhill (also mentioned in another traditional song “Spancil hill “), but we can not know if the fair to which it refers this nursery rhyme is just that.

This nursery rhymes is a composition in very simple and repetitive verses with a well-marked rhythm, structured as a call and response between mother and daughter: the daughter begs the mother to let her go to the fair, the mother replies that she could go when she will turn 13, and now she has nine, and it is still early to make choices in life. The daughter objects that many girls have married young and that she is in love with the shoemaker.

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh by Anam an Amhráin TG4

Altan live

English translation
Oh mammy, won’t you let me go to the fair
Oh dearest love, don’t plead with me
There’s a fair tomorrow in County Clare
Why should I care, I won’t be there
I’ve a little daughter and she’s very young
And she’s in love with a cobbling man
You’re not ten or eleven years old
When you reach thirteen you’ll be more mature
I’d rather have my cobbling man
Than an army officer with his gold bands
There is many a maid who married young
And lived in peace with her cobbling man
Irish Gaelic

Is a mháithrín an ligfidh tú chun aonaigh mé(x3)/ Is a mhuirnín óg ná healaí é
Beidh aonach amárach in gContae an Chláir(x3)/ Cén mhaith domh é ní bheidh mé ann
Tá ‘níon bheag agam is tá sí óg(x3)
Is tá sí i ngrá leis an ghreasaí bróg
Níl tú ach deich nó aon deag fós(x3)
Nuair a bheas tú trí deag beidh tú mór
B’fhearr liom féin mo ghreasaí bróg(x3)
N fir na n’arm faoina lascú óir
‘S iomaí bean a phós go h-óg(x3)
Is a mhair go socair lena greasaí bróg

Na Casaidigh

[Iníon]: Beidh aonach amáireach
Cé maith dom é?
Ní bheidh mé ann!
[Iníon]:’S a mháithirín,
a’ ligfidh tú don aonaigh mé?
[Máthair]: A mhúirnín ó,
ná h-éilig é!

[Máthair]: Níl tú a deich
ná a h-aondéag fós,
Nuair a bheidh tú
trídéag beidh tú mór!
[Iníon]: B’fhearr liom
féin mo ghréasaí bróg,
Ná oifigeach airm
le lásaí óir!


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